Striped Bass are in crisis.

Stocks of the fish we know and love have fallen to dangerous levels. New regulations have been put in place, but it’s not enough. More and more recreational fishermen now
understand it’s urgent that they do their part to help stripers recover.

Catch and release is an important part of the effort, but it still takes a toll on the fishery. An estimated
9% of fish don’t survive catch and release. And that adds up to millions of fish removed from the fishery
every year. Save A Million Bass is an effort by and for anglers to promote awareness of the new
regulations and the best catch and release practices to reduce the mortality rate of stripers.

Join the effort to help bring back the striper. Consider releasing a fish you can keep. Take only what you
need. Catch and release with care. Spread the word to your fishing buddies. Join the effort to bring
stripers back to abundance for yourself and the next generation! Together, we can make a difference.