About Save a Million Bass

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What is Save A Million Bass?

Save A Million Bass (SAMB) is a groundbreaking project that uses the latest technology to educate anglers about new rules and regulations and the best catch and release techniques. Using QR Codes placed on stickers and digital tags, SAMB is able to do what has seldom been done in saltwater fishing - educate anglers directly before they cast a line.

How does it work?

Anglers scan the QR code. The code locates the fisherman via their device and gives them the striped bass regulations in their specific location. It also includes ten recommendations for better catch and release techniques to help released fish survive. Our recommendations have been suggested and reviewed by guides, anglers and leading scientists.


Why one million bass?

A 2017 striped bass stock assessment estimated that 3.4 million stripers did not survive catch and release. That estimate was based on the standard 9% mortality rate applied to catch and release. Therefore, if we can achieve a one-third reduction in that mortality rate, bringing it down to 6%, we save a million bass or more.

How did it start?

The idea for Save A Million Bass comes from a recognition that catch and release is only a start and that better techniques are needed to reduce the mortality of released fish. It also fills a vital gap in conservation efforts, using technology to educate the fishing community about the latest regulations and techniques.

How can I get involved?

Click HERE to learn how you can get SAMB stickers and even have your fishing club or organization’s name printed on them.

Please consider donating HERE. Your donations help us keep the organization afloat.

Contact us HERE if you’d like to become a sponsor.